Shakaye's Creations

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Alamo, CA 94507-7113


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It seems that I have always had some sewing project going. As a teen in the 1960's, I designed and made several dresses for myself and made many dresses for my Mom. She had one rule, the dress had to look as good on the inside as the outside. She always threatened to turn it inside out and wear it that way. I quickly learned about finishing techniques.

As I moved on to a career as an accountant, I needed tailored suits which I made. I've also made many home dec items for my home, including formal lined pinch pleated drapes for the entire house. That was quite a feat! Some of those windows are 10 feet wide and floor to ceiling! 

About 15 years ago, I started creating wearable art for toddlers and selling at art and craft shows. I told everyone that I was learning for my second career for when I retired. Now I'm enjoying that second career. Watch for changes. I anticipate adding lots of Adult size clothing and adding machine embroidery to the appliqué techniques.

My Grandchildren have happily tested my techniques and designs for many years


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